Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bit of a round up, Munster raving Loony party dates, new releases !

Time to be thinking about getting the factor 75 out folks, at least for the pale  & pasty like myself! and for what better reason than to head off to The Munster Raving Loony Party.....3 Days of Garage, R 'n' R and low down partying at Camping Arc De Bara, Roda De Bara on the beach, just south of Barcelona ! From Thursday 30th April to Sat 2nd May. 
Killer line-up with The Masonics, The Rippers, The Jackets, Thee Gravemen, Thee Jezebels,  Miss Ludella Black, The Pukes, The Cheating Hearts, Las Merlenes,  Charm Bag, Biz Naga, Go! Zilla, Leadfoot Tea & Fernando Smogger and some new band called The X-Men ?
Click on the link for ALL the details of how much (50 Euros for 3 days !), Airports and transport links, camping and chalets, full band line-up......And the bearded ladies DJing !

Cramps inspired weirdness.

1st album.
New album from Blackpool's scariest duo, out on 'Slime' green vinyl too no less....following on from where their 1st album 'Boneyard A Go Go' left off. They cover The Cramps 'The Crusher', 'New Kind Of Kick, 'Sunglasses After Dark', 'Zombie Dance' and 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf' as well as Alan Vega's 'Jukebox Babe' and 'Ghostrider'......On Boneyard A Go Go they had covered 'The Natives Are Restless', 'Under The Wires' and 'Strychnine' also a different version than on 'It's Fun To Be A Monster' of 'New Kind Of Kick'.  
Checkout their website for details and all kinds of fun things!
Those fine people over at Big Beat have released a vinyl version Dean Carter's 'Call Of The Wild' and if you're quick enough you may get a copy of the Orange vinyl edition (I got mine at 'No Hit Records', just click on the link in the panel on the right !).
Incidently, the CD came out in 2002.
14 Tracks (28 on the CD, so why no double album ?) of mayhem from this certifiable lunatic. I'm guessing he got the dials on his time machine a bit mixed up as he looks as if he's stepped out of the 1950's only thing is that these recordings were made in the very late 1960's...So while Vanilla fudgepackers and assorted hippies were dominating the airwaves, this looper is belting out class A Rockabilly !   Talk about turning up late for the party !
Now here's little thing to get all you punksters and mad collectors a bit hot under the collar, over at Squoodge Records :
Be quick or miss out !

There's the chance to get your hands on some super limited edition vinyl 7"s, one a month in fact with only a 100 (yep, just a hundred) copies being pressed. At 166.80 Euros for the 12 this isn't bad value !  Exclusive tracks from Bloodshot Bill, Marcel Bontempi, Bill Fadden & Dangerous Curves, King Salami & The Cumberland 3 as well as the ever prolific Mr Billy Childish among others means that these will be in demand....well worth the investment in my eyes !If you don't know Squoodge then you're probably missing out on something! They are a mail-order company and a high quality record pressing service, producing some of the best limited editions of Garage, Rockabilly and Punk vinyl on the planet...their attention to detail is second to none !

Soon, Soon, Soon !
News about the long awaited Marcel Bontempi album 'Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes' should be in the next post as will be a bit of an interview with the twisted genius himself, where we'll get the lowdown on what's coming next ! Keep an eye on Stag-O-Lee website for when the album becomes available!

Thanks for all the cool messages, appreciated.
Take it easy and Stay Sick.

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  1. Can't wait to get my vinyl copy of "It's Fun To Be A Monster" (dead people are cool!), supposed to be delivered from the US this week