Monday, 2 March 2015

THE CRAMPS.......NEW LP ! Trash Is Neat 6...All Bass Players Are Bad.

250 copies on PINK VINYL ?
Fair amazing people !!! News on this immenant babys arrival broke yesterday and after much frantic emailing, I managed to get the lowdown on this absolutely incredible LP....Jam packed with unreleased goodies and tracks, most of which I'd only heard rumours about...THAT IS, UNTIL NOW !
From scavenging around and pulling in a favour or two, here's what I have pieced together. It looks like that this wicked piece of vinyl will be up for grabs somewhere between the beginning and middle of April, it's apparently been pressed for some kind of LUX memorial bash and will, whichever source you believe, either be Ltd to 250 copies in total or 250 copies in pink vinyl with a naughty(ish) sleeve and 250 copies in a less revealing sleeve on black vinyl....Either way, I'm having one of each ! 

Details From:
The TRASH IS NEAT Series has been slowly putting together some fantastic releases over the years and is a real work of passion by the folk doing them, only the last two (including this one) have been released on vinyl and both are (were) hyper limited.
This blows any unofficial release before it completely out of the water for the contents rarity value and quality of the recordings. A lot of you will already know my general views on a lot of the crap bootlegs that have appeared for sale and been rehashed, particularly over the last couple of years BUT if you were only ever going to buy two unofficial albums, then Trash is Neat 5 and this platter are all you would ever need !
Brilliantly compiled with attention to detail, precise information with genuine passion gone into the making this.....I think Lux would have approved.

Buy or reserve your copy fast !
Here's the track listing in the case you can't read it from the rear of the cover.

A. Side.
 1. Nobody but Me.
 2. Surfin Dead.
 3. Woodpecker Rock.
 4. Booze Party.
 5. Jailhouse Rock.
 6. It’s Mighty Crazy
 7. Jellyroll Rock
 8. Walked All Night
B. Side.
 9. Dinner with Drac
10. Five Years Ahead of My Time
11. You’re Gonna Miss Me
12. Everybody’s Movin’
13. Elvis Fuckin’ Christ
14. Hanky Panky
15. My Flash on You
This really won't be around for very long and so to avoid disappointment, I would seriously suggest contacting your man to nab a copy before it's too late !

Stay Sick !

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