Sunday, 21 June 2015

Surfs Up !.........The Sine Waves album is out !

Fresh from the lab.
Well, all you wannabe Gremmies and Gremlettes, the soundtrack for your summer is with us ! The new Messer Chups album 'The Incredible Crocotiger' is out on CD (as well as digital download for those of you who are basically deaf) and the much anticipated masterpiece that is 'Into The Syntax Era' from those beach loving, coastal dwelling hipsters 'The Sine Waves' is finally with us...It's a real corker from those mysterious geeks who are mainly holed up in their underground Sinelab on the outskirts of Hastings, where rumour has it, they take their space age surf and 'smash it all to pieces' before subjecting it to some form of molecular reconstruction resulting in what can only be described as a tsunami of sound !    Try riding that fecker baby !

Phase one.
Overseen by the dastardly Dr Magnus Psyke, his minions (not very evil unfortunately) Deltron 6000, Spectrum and Project X have entered phase two of their audio development programme, phase one (code-named 'Scientific Sounds of) having met with only limited success due to an unforseen malfuction in the replication process which  resulted in a significant shortfall of units in order to achieve the desired outcome.
Having taken the original prototypes from phase one, 'Tsar Bomba' and 'The Fly' and processing them through an audio amplification system, an eminently enhanced and superior result has been achieved, further bolstered by the addition of 'Dark Matter', 'Moon Computer and four (4) other appropriately and scientifically long titled compositions, make this an obligatory acquisition for your next Tiki party on Pluto !

They was working in the lab....on a monster Smash ?
As to who they really are, well I'm not telling outright but it's hardly rocket science now is it ?
What I can say is that there is a 'Jezebel' an X-Man, some dude from Armitage Shanks & Ye Ascoyne....By the way, Does not contain traces of/or recycled  Man Or Astroman !!!   
Here is a full 30 minutes or so of them at last years weirdsville :
And here's a rather groovy video they did for the track Tsar Bomba :

The Sine Waves on Facebook so look them up !

It's a very short post this time around as we've been working on the website store WWW.TRASHWAX.COM and believe me when I say I'm no web wizard, man I am slow !

Go check out the vinyl goodies listed up on the temp store at discogs :

Next post up (very soon) is an absolutely amazing retrospective look at The Vibes, basically everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask !

Later folks.

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