Sunday, 20 September 2015

Records & Releases.......Mondo A Go Go, The Shockwaves, Harry Violet & The Sharks, The Pacifics !

Ltd Edition, red vinyl and just 300 copies !
What can I say huh ?  Even with the best efforts of the majors and their heinous plans to flood the world with Led Zep, Bee-Gees and Pink Floyd vinyl reissues for those bearded hipster would appear that there are corners of sanity still prevailing, although against the odds it must be said! With some factories now giving delay times of up to 6 months to press 7"s and 4 months+ for 12" vinyl coupled with pricing which is making the production of 7" singles prohibitive (factories would rather press 12" vinyl and so try to dissuade 7" production) it's a small miracle that there have been a good few bits managing to see the light of day over the last couple of months...not least our own !  Here's a bit of a round up of what's caught our eye recently and what you can expect very shortly !

Kicking off with something of a surprise release, Mondo A Go Go (TWLP007) wasn't due out until next year but by some twist of fate, one of the pressing plants contacted us with a slot which became available due to a in we jumped. This is a real beauty of an album, 20 tracks covering their 20 year career ! The title track is a garage classic and should be in everyones collection, couple of covers including Arch Hall Jr's 'Wild Guitar' and The Crazy Teens' 'Crazy Date'. The sleeve design was done by Wendy Phillips who did those sleeves for Girly Grungers L7....very nice indeed ! This will be available in a couple of weeks time so keep your eyes peeled !
This little beauty dropped in my letter box this week and blew me away, can't recommend it enough, Harry Violet & The Sharks debut 7"....'Jungle Cavalcade' is a brilliant Sax & Guitar driven toon in the spirit of The Wailers early material with more than a nod to early 60's Surf and a dash of Cramps to round it off nicely....I think you may recognise the guitar parts ! The guys are currently working on writing material for their first album and play regularly around London so if you get the chance to catch them, It'd be well worth it ! They've a few of their songs up on Youtube and they do a blistering cover of Screaming Jay Hawkins 'I Put A Spell On You' which lends itself really well to the sound of the sax.....Also available for Weddings, Christenings and Bah Mitzvahs !

Ltd quantity available from :
Another fantastic 7" platter worth tracking down is the recent 4 track EP from Dublin based The Pacifics, if early 60's - Milkshakes style, Rhythm and Beat is your thing ?  You'll be drooling for this release but you'll have to be quick as it was released by the guys themselves and pressed up in (Eire, as it says) as a very limited run. Four original, self penned songs, 'Say You Love Me' & 'Little Ruth' make up the A-side with 'Girls, Girls, Girls' & 'Bavaria Bop' the 2 equally as strong tunes on the flip......If you haven't picked up on these guys yet ? They've been around for a few years now and have a sold out album (and another EP + split 7" with Thee Cormans) under their belt. Not quite sure why they haven't had more exposure and released more material....Would suit State/Soundflat or Screaming apple down to the ground !

Not the worst by a long shot.

Those perrenial Psychobillies, The Meteors have a new double LP out, although new only in as it's just been released, a compilation, it must be said, of some of their better post original line-up tracks...500 copies on Yellow vinyl housed in a decent gatefold sleeve means that it'll be gone soon enough, I'm sure you'll be able to track a copy down though if you look hard enough ! Includes The Crazed, Johnny Remember Me, These Boots Are Made For Walking, Rawhide, Please Don't Touch and fifteen other tracks.

Absolutely Awesome !
Another long awaited release that should be making an appearance soon enough is The Shockwaves CD which will be out before Christmas at the very latest...It's truly amazing that records of this quality and calibre never saw the light of day at the time, in this case they were recorded in 1987...Genuine TRASH FROM THE VAULTS and here's a little taster :  The CD release will be limited to a couple of hundred copies and followed up with a vinyl release in 2016.....slip this baby between your Vibes and Purple Things records ! Big Thanks to Diabolik Dan and Bruce Brand for the greatly appreciated help with the artwork.
More on these dudes to follow later.

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