Thursday, 15 October 2015

TRASH WAX.......MONDO A GO GO New release.

Well, after the delays from the vinyl pressing plants, due to over demand and with no doubt that those Bee Gee's re-editions will be snapped up in no time ! We will finally be receiving the long awaited LP releases that should have been with us weeks ago ! The first to be arriving is the anthology of Mondo A Go Go, 'In Go Go We Trust' a look back over their 20 year career to date and I'm really happy to say that this will be with us in time for Halloween as we'll start shipping it out around the 23rd Oct.


Ltd Edition of 300 copies on red vinyl.

Mondo A Go Go started out in 1996 as a group of misfits, brought together by a mutual loathing of the commercial and santised drivel being thrust upon folk in the form of Grunge, Britpop and the ever nauseating boy bands...The ethos of these desperados being to get back to the raw, exciting primal roots of Rock n Roll, with their unique blend of Garage Punk, Dodgy film soundtracks and a smidgen of The Cramps, (they actually have 2 tracks on the 2006 Cramps tribute album 'Trash Is Neat Vol 3').
This will be gone sooner than you can blink, it's twenty (20) tracks, spanning their 20 years churning out this slop !

All you need to know is on the inside !
The tracks have been acrefully selected from their first 3 albums BUT the tracks chosen from the first album are completely different than those which actually appeared as the initial recording was deemed too crude for release, these are the original first attempts in all their glory.
Wendy Phillips did the principal design for the sleeve with her biggest claim to fame before doing this sleeve for us was stuff for L7, so she's going in the wrong direction!  Hahahah!

Here's the track listing:

1. Mondo a Go-Go
2. In Go-Go We Trust
3. Wild Guitar
4. Sister Street Fighter
5. Vigilante
6. Crazy Date
7. Kool in a Gurl
8. Outta Body Rock'n'Roll Experience
9. Shakedown
10. You Dig My Grave

Not sure about 1996, looks more like 1969 !.
1. The Ballad of Dario Banzai
2. 45 rpm
3. Kozure Ohkami
4. Born to Lose
5. Gearhead
6. Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein
7. The Day I Was Born
8. Faceless
9. Lucky the Inscrutable
10. La Comtesse Noire
And for once, here's a Scots band which doesn't have Lenny Helsing in it, Bless him, we do love everything he does though !

OK, get your credit cards out and head on over to : and grab yourself a copy before they're all snapped up by mad European collectors who'll bubble wrap them before hermetically sealing them in an oxygen free environment so as they can tell folk they have it but have never heard it !
If you buy it now, you get it at the pre-order price of €15.00....On the release date this goes up to €20.00...So no excuses !

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