Sunday, 13 July 2014

Compilation. If I was to make a comp.

These things are always subject to whimsical fancy and whatever is the flavour of the moment but I always find myself coming back to these tunes.....There's an enormous amount of material out there and while the 60's garage oficianados comp almost anything these days, there has been very little in retrospective garage/trash from the the 80's, 90's and 00's put out on comps. So here is my take on what would be a good compilation, in no particular order as I love 'em all.

Any comments most welcome.

I've put youtube links where applicable for those of you who may not have heard any of the cuts before.

The Vibes.          Egyptian Thing.   John Peel Session from 1985.

The Psychotic Petunias.  Surfin Bird.    Mayhem Records   1978.

The X-Men.    Do The Ghost.      Creation Records  1984.

Duane Ripley & His Go Go Set.  Revenge of the 50 Foot Go Go Girls.  Barbarella Recs 1986.

The Linkers.   Suzy.     Weed Recs 1994.

The Slammers.   Low Low Low.    Swamp Recs   1986.

The Juanitos.   Oh, Girls, Girls.      Larsen Recs   1991.

The Dukes.    She'll Be Mine.          Kavern 7 Recs     1987.    

The Shockwaves.   Big Bad Mescalin.     Unreleased Demo   1987.

The Golden Horde.    The Curse.       Hotwire Recs   1984.

The Purple Things.    Insect Bones and the Astronaut.   Media Burn   1985.

The Bottle Ups.       Fatback.       Amigo Recs   1985.

Emptifish.        Surfboard.         Crystal Recs     1985.

Melody Massacre.     Tornado.         Soundwork Recs   1986.


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