Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Cramps, Ye Nuns.........New releases.

There have been some pretty amazing releases and boots in the last couple of months, not least a damned fine 7" boot from The Cramps featuring a couple of tracks that to my knowledge at least, haven't appeared on vinyl or cd before. The A-side is a cover of Love's 'My Flash On You' (which was also a long standing favourite of The Sting Rays), with the B-side being another cover, Nat County and The Braves 'Woodpecker Rock'. After going through the set lists available it would seem that the a-side was taken from a San Francisco show in 2006 some time and the b-side could well be taken from their new years eve 1988 show at the Fillmore in San Francisco. This track can be found on a an American semi-legit DVD of the show (Vampiro's video vault) which came out god knows when. This 7" is out on 200 copies only, a 100 yellow and a 100 black vinyl.

Expect to see silly prices on Ebay.
Also coming to light in the recent weeks has been a limited repress of The Cramps most expensive if not rarest official 7". The French release of 'Garbageman' which regularly sells for in excess of 100 Euros a pop! According to the vendor, 60 copies on gold vinyl and 150 copies on black (I got mine at Discogs).

 Now this has easily got to be one of the best 'modern' garage releases in many a year.....Ye Nuns 'Nun More Black' without doubt this baby is set to be a classic, there's nothing really new here as it's an album entirely of Monks covers, BUT it's brilliant !  Basically an all girl 'tribute' band to The Monks and it works so well, not deviating too much from the original formula, it manages to come across as fresh with the raspy female (Lolo) vocals adding a totally unexpected dimension to the sound.    It's all there !  the delirious banjo, the pounding drums, the fuzzy basslines and general sense of controlled chaos, the same sensations you get when hearing 'Black Monk Time' for the first time.
Don't take my word for it........... I particularly dig their rendition of 'Love Came Tumblin' Down'

You can hear the entire album here:

Almost as good as the original...In a class of it's own.
Where it gets sticky is that this was released in the middle of June (2014, for those of you watching on 'Dave') on ONLY 300 vinyl copies and with no CD release this will be like Rocking Horse Droppings by Christmas !
For those of you that live within easy reach of London (UK), these girls gig regularly so you shouldn't have much trouble seeing them soon enough, hopefully they'll play a little further afield too for the rest of us.

We're all Monks...Even when we're Nuns !
Here's the link to their website:

There's a great review of one their gigs by none other than Eddie Shaw himself (Original bass player in The Monks) the posts section of their website, well worth the read.

Good luck getting your hands on this.

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