Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Cramps...'Blues Fix' vinyl release !

Finally and at long last a vinyl release of The Cramps 'Blues Fix' EP.

Release date 29th Sept 2014

This is long, long overdue......22 years is a wait and a half !  Four cover versions all produced by Poison Ivy incidently.

A-Side: Hard Workin' Man (Capt Beefheart). It's Mighty Crazy (Lightnin' Slim).
B-Side: Jelly Roll Rock (Walter Brown & The Alleycats). Shombalor (Sheriff & The Ravels).

Apparently, this is a limited edition of 1000 on 10" black vinyl although on the ACE website it is listed as an LP ?

If you want to be sure of getting a copy ?  You can pre-order it on the ACE Records website by hitting this link:

Turnin' Blue !

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  1. ...Well , I broke down and bought the "Blues Fix" 10". It was $19 (Which , in Pounds or Euros means absolutely nothing , but , for four songs that I already have , it's a bit much.....But , yeah , it's an import , and it is pretty sweet to have those songs on vinyl. I very seldom listen to a single or an EP on disc , anyway.).
    On the plus side , of course ,the art work remains the same. On the minus , my copy is just on black vinyl. No "Perks" for spending extra . The color of the wax doesn't really matter , but , it would have sweetened the deal , to be sure. I'm glad to have it , though. The 10" EP should bet a lot more plays at Chez Battles than it's 22 year old tuned in , turned on , fucked up sibling. I've been collecting more 10" singles these days , anyway , though mainly Blues and Country.....The only other 10" Cramps records I have are the "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?" 3 track single , and the "Nazibilly Wierwolfen" live bootleg.
    Maybe someone could reclaim that , lose the name ,and call it " Paul Naschy , el Hombre Lobo , contra el Monstruo Fredrico Francostein. ". Or , put Mel Brooks on the cover and call it "Springtime for Giuliani".