Friday, 15 August 2014

New Kogar comp....Bottle Up & Do The Hunch...........killer vocal tracks.

Kogar is the guy behind compiling those super fine collections 'Lux & Ivy's Favourites' and he's done it again with this amazing comp of Doo Wop and R&B killers. 32 Hunchin', Munchin' and Crunchin' tracks carefully selected for your aural pleasure......ambrosia for the ears !
Love the The Twilights 'Little Richard'  kinda Monster Mash(ish) meets Alley Oop, Doo Wop style, Check out the moaning on The Starfires 'Three Roses'..........I was nearly crying listening to this, with laughter !
Just click on the link below to download and it will take you straight there.

Comes with free crackles, pops and skips
 Here's the link :

While we're on the subject, Cramps obsessed Kogar is also the singer of Thee Monkey Butlers (As well as being the prim(at)e mover behind a lot of the Lux Lives nights on the East coast of the US) and if you don't have their seven track release 'I was a Teenage Monkey Butler' (On Spider Bite Records and Dirty Water Records) then you're seriously missing out, worth the price of admission alone for their version of 'What is a Fisteris'. A long time Lux favourite, it's a simian take on the Pete Myers (The Mad Daddy) classic.......Way cool.

Something to throw peanuts at !

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  1. Great band. There is also a tape, a single, another album and live stuff (audio and video)