Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Marcel Bontempi.....New album, sneak preview !

Ok Hipsters, here's a little preview of the upcoming album from Germany's master of Cool, the one and only Marcel Bontempi (round of deafening and rapturous applause) ! Released by those purveyors  of all things great..... Stag 'O' Lee     http://stagoleeshop.com/

Could this be the cover ?
This long awaited slab of vinyl and no doubt corresponding shiny place mat (That's CD to all you vinylophobes) will be seeing the light in a few months time bringing together selected tracks from his solo 7" releases of the last five years, 09-14 (I know it says 2013 on the cover ! but you'll have to take that up with him), as well as some previously unreleased tracks and alternate versions.......Mambo influenced version of Spiderman anyone ? And surprisingly, a cover of the 'The First Edition' classic.....I Just Dropped In,  recorded as part of an upcoming movie score....genius.
Not wanting to give everything away, I'll just zip it for now and leave the rest as a surprise.

Or is it this one ?
And you can catch both The Montesas and Dr Bontempis Snake Oil Company in a few weeks time at the High Rockabilly Festival in Calafell, Spain from 10th to 14th Sept !

4 Days of cool tunes & warm weather !
 Really easy to get to (Unless you live in Alaska or Japan) as Ryan Air fly direct to Reus and the main international airport n Barcelona, so a perfect opportunity to get a bit of sun and dig the great line up.

That's all folks !

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