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The Silvertones...........Trapped By The......
The Silvertones are one of Germany's many great but unsung rockabilly groups, these guys have been rockin' out for over 20 years, having originally formed in Wolfenbuttel (Pub quiz fact 2, Wolfenbuttel is where one of my favourite tipples, Jagermeister comes from) in 1991. Now these guys are the masters of taking things slowly...believe me, it wasn't until 1995 they played their first gig ! and it wasn't until 2008 that they released their first album 'Hi Ho Silver Radio'. Jenne-O-Staar the guitarist, Pete Oh the bassist and Moskito the drummer don't like to rush things and so they waited until their kids had all grown up and left home before releasing their next album (Well, not really but 6 years all the same).

The Silvertones
The fabulous 'Trapped By The'............This is a great album and made all the better by only being available on luscious vinyl and not only that but they cover a couple of my all time faves...The great Lavern Baker's 'Bumble Bee' and Wanda Jackson's 'Funnel of Love' What struck me was that the choice of covers were originally done by female vocalists and there is a distinct lack of Estrogen in The Silvertones ! But hey, if it's good enough for Heavy Trash and Demented Are Go.....why not ? 
This album really does rock out, authentic sounding rockabilly but not in that safe, cliched way...the original compositions are solid, 'Only The Devil' sounds as if it could have been a lost Phantom Chords track, while 'Do You Love Me' has a real dirty, bluesy feel to it and some seriously scuzzy vocals going on. 'Mouldered Johnny' is a moody, brooding tune until the guitarist lets rip and then it slows down again, very cool indeed. 'Stack a Records' is standard neo-rockabilly fare, nothing wrong with that either ! 'Lover's Rock' is a cover of the Johnny Horton classic and is for sure one of the better versions I've heard, The last track was a total revelation to me and while I admit that 'swing' inspired RnR isn't my thing at all, I was intrigued by the 'politically incorrect' (Not that I give a monkey's about being P-C, incidently) title of 'Black Boy Jacky' It's a track originally released in 1957 by a German guy called Paul Wurges (and his Rocking Allstars) and if Swing is your thing then you'll love this.While the choice of cover versions for this album is great, it's the self penned originals that really make the LP.
As a by the by, any rockabilly band that takes on the mighty 'Ace of Spades' and actually pulls it it off, deserve unlimited kudos....Check this out :

Their 1st album, only 15 years or so in the making !
The guys play regularly and all their gig dates can be found on their facebook page, just follow the link :
Or :

And you can buy their releases here :

Laters 'Gators

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