Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Del Monas..........Reissued !!!

Been a long time coming
Absolutely great news from Damaged Goods that they have re-released (in late August) 2 of the long out of print Del Monas albums, limited editions and on white vinyl no less ! The compilation 'The Delmonas' & 'Delmonas 5' their second album which was originally released in 1986 on Empire records.

In glorious mono !
Originally the backing singers for the mighty Milkshakes and first called The Milk-Boilers, they had their name changed for them by one of the Milkshakes after the Bo Diddley song, to The Del Monas prior to releasing their first EP in 1984, the fantastic 'Comin' Home Baby', a cover of the Dee Dee Sharp classic (also done by crooner Mel Torme, though not a patch on DD Sharp) Check it out here:

They followed up the first EP with another four track release, also in 1984. 'Hello, We Love You' a straight cover of The Doors hit and three other tunes including the brilliant Peter Gunn Locomotion.

And we loved you too !
The first album 'Dangerous Charms' was released by Big Beat in 1985 following the success of the first two EP's (also Big Beat releases, not forgetting the single, Sally Sue Brown on Empire too) and although it came out in '85 all the recordings were from '84 as unfortunately, the band would basically split up in '85 but reformed later in the same year without Louise Baker to record the album 'Delmonas 5'. They carried on for a few more years, being the girlfriends of members of The Milkshakes and recording a few sessions for the BBC before releasing 2 more albums in 1989, 'Do The Uncle Willy' and the compilation 'Delmonas' before calling it a day !
However, it wasn't the end and far from former X-Men drummer, Debbie 'Bongo' Green joined Ludella Black, Kyra 'Rubella' De Coninck and Holly Golightly to form the ever so prolific Headcoatees........and so, as they say, to be continued............

As a by the by, The Shall-I-Say-Quoi (Ludella Black, Kyra and your one from the Buff Medways) have also just released a 10" 6 song EP on Damaged Goods too, but only 300 copies !

You can get the re-issues & 10" directly from here:


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