Friday, 19 September 2014

Cramps Re-issues, Back From The Grave Vol 9 & 10, Messer Chups Tour !

Yowsa !  New artwork too, out on 28th Oct 2014
Great news on the vinyl front !  Looks as if the majority of The Cramps album back catalogue is getting re-issued through Vengeance (and Vinylissimo), with both 'Stay Sick' and Fiends Of Dope Island' getting revamped artwork.

We've gone monochrome for this re-edition.
All of the Vengeance re-issues should be in the shops and available by mail order from the 28th October, no indication as to if there are any coloured or ltd editions so if anyone knows, do drop me a quick email...... At the moment it only looks a if they'll be available from USA based outlets or the American mail order company Midheaven : 

More great news and this time from the label that just keeps on delivering the goodies...Tim Warren's CRYPT.  Amazing that there could be enough unknown/unheard material out there to fill another 3 (Yes ! Three) volumes of the seminal Back From The Grave compilation series.....I lifted the artwork from a post on the Garagepunk Hideout site (so a big thank you to Kopper).

Three, Yes 3 new volumes !
Before you get over excited, not all three volumes are coming out at the same time, a tentative release date for vols 9 and 10 is the 20th Nov 2014.....and no idea for when vol 11 (Eleven) will be out. I would have loved to have been able to throw some light on the track listings but to be honest that would've been spoiling the surprise even if I could have. As it is, the track listings had all been redacted (edited out) making it impossible to see what delights are in store for us !
Fantastic package, as per usual with Crypt releases, gatefold sleeves, copious liner notes, band photos and quality mastering.

Best bet is to order directly from Crypt at  

THE MESSER CHUPS tour starts today........Spain, Portugal and France !

Click me !

One not to be missed !  Seriously, if you can get to any of the gigs ?  You won't regret it !

Turn Blue Bro !

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  1. Good goddamn news all around. I'm sort of glad all the new BFTGs aren't coming out at once....Gives you something more to look forward to.
    If and when I see The Grave comps or The Cramps' reissues in stores, I can let you know....There probably will be a wait between a US and UK release , but , who knows? I actually like the "Fiends" cover here , more....The original looked like a parody of an Yma Sumac or Martin Denny sleeve , which is all right , But , the pastel colors and the less fearful Lux visage didn't really sell the album like this tinted image , which looks more , appropriately , like a 30's or 40's Jungle/Horror movie poster.