Saturday, 13 September 2014

ALL CRAMPED UP !.............Introducing.

Wouldn't make a bad album cover actually.
It's a well known fact that strange things occur in the West Country, particularly after a few pints of mushroom infused cider and this could go quite some way in explaining 'All Cramped Up'.........Four guys from Gloucestershire and a Gal from Reading who have been injecting a bit of life into the sleepy Cotswolds for the past two years with their own brand of Crampsical madness . The initial line up, first getting together in 2012, consisted of Tim Deane on Lead Guitar, Mike Newport on Drums (both formerly in Thee Raymen who had an album out on Raucous Records called 'Rebel Rockers' way back in 1995), Bob Pride on Rhythm Guitar, Shane Hathaway on Bass and Floyd (?) the original singer who was replaced by Caz Hill in late 2013.

All Cramped Up's version of 'Human Fly' :

The first line up.
All Cramped Up are hardly a tribute act, for a start the singer who also just happens to be a female, doesn't have the balls to be impersonating Lux and the only similarity between Tim the guitarist and Ivy is that he has hair of a somewhat reddish tint........No, All Cramped Up are not about cloning or replicating The Cramps, they're just a psycho-rockabilly band who's set consist entirely of Cramps covers !...........Think 'Tokyo Cramps' without the bad accents.

Studio version of 'Domino':  

When they started out a couple of years back, things were handy enough for them as they supported Demented Are Go soon after getting together, had a nice run of local and not so local gigs as well as being asked by the head honcho at Raucous Records to contribute a couple of tracks for a proposed compilation (not sure if this came out ? is coming out ? or has been shelved ?), not too shabby for a debut although they hit a bit of a speed bump after about a year when they parted company with the singer. It was Caroline aka Caz, who rumour has it, likes Smirnoff...a lot ! was drafted in to front the band, the unsubstantiated story being that they met her after a particularly intense session on the piss and whilst talking, couldn't help but notice she sounded like Lux with a mike jammed half way down his throat and a large styrofoam cup in there somewhere too. 

Caz, fronting 'All Cramped Up'
Apart from The Cramps, they're into The Monsters, Elvis, Creepshow and almost anything on Doyley's 'Diablo Records' apologies for the cornyness, but 'You've Got Good Taste' !
For the last year they've been out and about establishing themselves with plenty of gigs and building up a head of steam  before they head into the studio in Nov/Dec of this year........and hopefully something will be released shortly there after.
For those of you who can't make it to any of their upcoming gigs (and take note, they are opening this years 'Pompey Rumble' on Nov 8th) you have the chance of hearing them live by tuning into: on the 11th of October when their gig at The Blackhorse in Bristol will be broadcast live.........

Opening act
Apart from the 'Pompey Rumble' you can also catch them at various gigs including the following,

11th Oct at the Blackhorse, Kingswood, Bristol (With The Long Tall Texans and The Rocker Covers).
1st Nov at the Crown & Sceptre, Stroud for the Halloween Hoedown.
8th Nov at the Pompey Rumble, Portsmouth.
20th Dec at the Facebar, Reading for the Coffin Nails Christmas Bash.

For more info, upcoming gigs, general news and contact.   You can get them here :

I for one am looking forward to seeing them soon.

Stay Sick !

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