Monday, 26 January 2015's.....New Vinyl and other cool stuff.

Yet another essential slab of wax !
Well, well, well......The good stuff just keeps on coming !  New album out on Japanese label timebomb for those eternally hip gals The's and a 7" ('Mothra' released late last year) to keep you on your toes too. Making no bones about it, I've been a fan of these folk for many a year and in my eyes they can do no wrong ! This album does it for me, offering their usual mix of mashed up 50's mayhem and Garage, even incorporates a touch of Ska rhythms on one of the tracks....but no worries, it's a well conceived sound and works just dandy. Has the songs from the Third Man 7" releases and a totally reworked version of Harlem Nocturne which appeared on their debut album. This LP is limited so don't be slow or you'll be paying E(vil) Bay prices before you know it.

Just have to love leopard print leotards !
If you're going to get it direct from Timebomb Records, you could do far worse than pick up The Bait Ones (That's 'Bate Ones' not 'Bay Tones') The Weird Weird World of The Bait Ones....These cats are often referred to as The Cramps of Kobe.....I wonder why ? Covering the likes of Bob Vidone, The Novas and Kai Ray. Of the 13 tracks on the CD, only 4 are originals.....BUT it really doesn't matter, Yep, I liked The Tokyo Cramps (are they still going ?) however these guys are more original, rather than imitate they give it a reworking and you have to give the dude who looks like Slim Chance a bit of credit for having the balls to climb into a gold lame catsuit ! Unfortunately I think this may be a retrospective release and they may well be split up at this point, if anyone wants to confirm or let me know otherwise ? It'd be most welcome.  There are a couple of vids lurking out there and a little website but my Japanese is as good as my Swahili so.....

Out on CD.
Ye Nuns have their absolutely brilliant 'Nun More Black' released on CD for all of you unfortunate enough to have missed the mega limited vinyl release (300 copies only). It;s out on the Radiowave label and should be available from the first week of Feb (2015). For those of you who remain unconvinced !  Head on over to their Facebook page and read the review of the album by none other than Eddie Shaw himself.
To to keep up with them and all that's of a Nunnish persuasion check out their website  for gigs and the latest news...They're going into the BBC studios in mid Feb to record a session for Mark Riley so keep your ears open to catch that when it's broadcast ?  Feb 17th ?

35 years late for an introduction !
Another CD only release (by the looks of things anyhow) is the up coming Tav Falco and The Panther Burns retrospective compilation 'Hip Flask' sub-titled 'An introduction to Tav Falco & Panther Burns' which is kind of weird since they've been around since 1979 !
What you get is 19 tracks culled from their back catalogue, from 'Behind The Magnolia Curtain' upto and including 2 tracks from the as of yet unreleased 'Command Performance' album which still has no release date !
And if you missed them before, you can pick a few of Tav's vinyl releases over at Stag-O-Lee mail order.

This should be out late Feb or early March.

Inspired by The Cramps crazy collection ?
Time for a bit of a moan about those (surely) well intentioned folk over at Cherry Red, Yep another Cramps Tie-In release......seriously guys, what's the next compilation of, 'Songs The Cramps May Have Heard At Some Point In Their Lives' ?
Anyway, apart from 'borrowing' the title from a series of books (of which in one volume, The Cramps actually appeared) put out by REsearch quite some time ago and the pretty rubbish sleeve for this CD...the album isn't so bad although theres an awful lot of stuff on it which you probably have already on other albums/compilations so check the track listing before handing over the dosh !  Out now.

Timebomb mail-order website :

Just have to say that the version of The Witch by GMC & The Arcells on BFTG vol 10 is truly AWESOME !    Just goes to show that there is always something new to discover.

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