Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Messer Chups, The Vibes, Marcel Bontempi and Trash Wax news..

Out on vinyl in August !
Great news on the vinyl front ! lots of really cool releases recently along with a bit of cool older news that some of you may not be aware of. First up is the new album from Surf-billy greats, Messer Chups 'The Incredible Crocotiger' Initially due out this month, it's had the release date pushed back to late August due to the high pressure on the few vinyl pressing plants out there  (More Bee-Gees re-issues anyone ?) although in saying that, the CD edition will probably be out sooner. It's coming out on Autralian label OMNI so if you have the possibility of making a pre-order ? would probably be a good idea considering the speed that their vinyl sells out !

Mr Suave.
At long last, the much anticipated album from Marcel Bontempi is out, and what a beauty the vinyl edition is ! Lovely gatefold sleeve, a full length LP plus a 7", fantastic illustrations of original sleeves and labels and those liner notes ! (Rather pleased with myself there as I wrote them) but with only 500 copies made it won't be around for long and will surely become a much sought after item once it's sold out. Released by Stag-O-Lee and available from the likes of Squoodge, Copasetic, Crypt and your local, cool indie store ! If you have any difficulty getting hold of a copy ? you can always drop me an email or look him up on Facebook.

Inner sleeve of the album.
For those of you who want more of his output, you won't have to wait very long as the Dr Bontempi's Snake Oil Co LP will be out very soon on Squoodge. It's a way cool album of Western Swing and Hillbilly styled 'toons, perfect for your next village fete or hobo hoedown. Dungarees and clod hopper boots are deriguer, Poitin (pronounced 'Pocheen') is optional and if your father is also your uncle, you may like this even more ! In which case you should check your hands for being webbed or additional digits ! Not wanting to give too much away, but some of the songs included may surprise folk as not being 'traditional' hillbilly fare....Prepare to get Dixie Fried !

The Vibes  Voodoo Juju.
Well, what can I say about this baby ?  It's the first release to come about as a direct result of this blog, our very own TRASH WAX label ! The sleeve was designed by Chris 'Sick' Moore of Stay Sick in Brighton fame ! Everyone who pre-ordered (big thanks to you all) will have it on their turntable by 31st May....exactly 30 years after it was originally recorded during their tour of Germany. There are 200 copies on green vinyl and 300 on black vinyl, most of the green vinyl copies have been snapped up but there a few left here so email me if you want a copy, you may be lucky ! The good news is that there is more in the pipeline with an EP of their 1984 John Peel session planned for release as well as another LP.
And we have an online record shop type thing over at discogs where you can find this and a lot of other cool stuff on vinyl (& CD),  Trash, Garage Punk, Rockabilly and Old School Psychobilly, just click on this link :  We will be putting all items for sale up here until the website proper is up and go over and take a look !

Bzzzzzzzz !
Here's a little beauty of a single, The Guitar Slingers 'The Fly With X-Ray Eyes' I love this, guess you could almost say it's inspired by Human Fly, has the same kind of Bzzzz to it ! Though it is far more very early Rev Horton Heat / Olde Skool Psycho than The Cramps. The downside is that it's super limited to just 200 copies on Diablo Records but the track does appear on the latest Guitar Slingers LP Carnival Of Souls which is also just out and on Diablo too and well, yes it's limited to just 300 copies on 3 different colours (100 each) !  I think they're available from Bandcamp for about £15.00.

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Now ATTENTION !...These guys are really good and I mean very, very good, had the pleasure of catching them live last week playing with The X-Men in Brighton and was totally blown away....I had seen them about a year ago and was impressed at the time but I guess they've been doing some serious practicing since then, super tight would be a good place to start and they play some of the best psycho-rockabilly, that's rockabilly not Nu-Metal or any of that other shite that tries to pass itself off for decent music, no comic book slap-stick, no parody or umpteenth degree humour....just brilliant uptempo Rockabilly with a proper edge to it, anyway I digress. Their new album is out on Western Star now so buy it because you really do need this, unfortunately it's on CD only for the moment but the good news is that we are talking with them to do 'Swamp Devil' as a 7" on Trash Wax. In the meantime get 'Kings Of The Weald Frontier' 14 blistering tracks all for 8 quid (that's £ GBPounds) or thereabouts !

Go and buy some music !  
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