Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Cramps...........busy in the bootleg dept !

Greek pressing and limited to 50 copies......apparently.

Love them or loathe them, it's a matter of taste although I must admit to getting a little pee'd off with some of the more recent releases getting re-hashed and just doubling up on what are not always good quality recordings, even fair recordings would be welcomed as opposed to some of the crap being pumped out in recent months. Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy to pay a few shillings for a piece of vinyl containing tracks previously unavailable or live material that is of audible quality. Where I get slightly peeved is the total lack of quality control, if someone is going to release a boot, at least put a bit of thought into it, decent artwork will often go a long way in forgiving poor sound quality but when you get crap sleeves with crap sound it makes me feel cheated......anyway, there are some good ones all the same,

Nice sleeve, quality worth picking up
 Although this is lifted directly from 'How To Make A Monster' it's a nice piece and comes in a couple of colours, (mine is yellow) and from what I understand originates from Canada, 4 tracks, 'Call of the wighat', '5 years ahead of my time' Hanky Panky and All women are bad'. The first 3 are A&M recordings from 1982 and the last a home the sleeve notes from 'HTMAM'

No way of confusing this with the original !

Another welcome addition is a ltd repress of 'Totally Destroy Seattle' the original screen printed sleeve has been completely changed which always helps to stop some of the more uninformed passing it off as the genuine article......According to various blurb, there are 300 copies pressed, some in clear and some in red vinyl....I picked mine up via mail order from a London store for £20 which is a damn sight better than the silly asking prices on Evilbay or jokesite 'musicstack'. You can try and get from here:

It would appear that someone in Greece has been pretty busy of late with a load of mediocre at best releases which you can find on Ebay, all 7"s, all with starting prices of around $50 US, personally I wouldn't be encouraging him/them as there are better, at more reasonable prices to be had.......

From Greece........with love.

Happy shopping !

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  1. Hi Darrenross..just found your blog this evening,.. looking for news 'bout the X-Men and then found the link for the next only brighton gig in november...
    it's Amazingggggg!!!!! I'm in France but i'm still (& will stay)) int ouch with brititsh Trash Garage Psycho/Rockab since 30 years (i'm 47...shhhhh)... could you have an audio recording of the X_Men show????? would be great.... you can visit my blog where you can certainly find someyhing for your sharp ears!!!!

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