Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Cramps, The Phantom, Primitive Idols & Back From The Grave and other stuff you need !

Available end of Jan 2015. 
The Cramps.    Coast to Coast  CD.

Ho Hum.....CD release of what appears, at first glance, to be just over half of the 'Live at Club 57 !!  1979' Double LP bootleg, although there are an additional 7 tracks which purport to be a radio broadcast, In fact the CD claims it is two different radio broadcasts which probably is the case. Nothing new here to my knowledge except the format and packaging. From the info on Rough Trade website this is due out 25-26th Jan 2015. (It will also be available at 'Spin CDs' a cheaper price, thanks to Ian for the heads up on that).
The Phantom.  Love Me (Alternate version) / Hey Bop Bop (From Acetate)  Ltd 300 copies.

Now here's a little gem that I got my hands on recently. Fantastic little package although very pricey (So be warned) Nice heavy weight vinyl, beautiful, thick card sleeve and a fantastic sound. Released by a little specialist Rockabilly label in France called 'Rockinitis Records' they are well worth checking out for the repros that they stock too.
Obviously a work of passion considering the effort and amount of work gone into it for just 300 copies.......get yours as soon as possible for they won't be around much longer.....I cracked for a 'Phantom' T-Shirt too, sad bugger that I am.  

Ah dadadada da......and other brilliant Hispanic sounding stuff
The Primitive Idols. My Baby Ain't No Square EP. Infringement Records (also available @ bandcamp for 5 bucks). 
A few weeks ago I was raving about the Portland band 'The No Tomorrow Boys' as I like them a lot....Anyways, I had mentioned in the post that the Bassist, Noland Nocount was somewhat 'in abstentia'.... Like dead or serving time.....As it transpires, neither of which is true, thankfully. Prior to taking the role of bass maestro with The NTBs, Noland was in another group where he was guitarist and chief crooner of...The Primitive Idols (Think it's the title of a Cramps bootleg too) way cool moniker nonetheless and they put out a lovely slab of red wax consisting of four of which is a storming cover of one of the all time garage greats......DEMOLICION by LOS SAICOS...I flipped when I found this out as apart from Los Peyotes (not English speaking I know, but) I'd never heard of a current band covering the bad news,....... it was released 2 years ago ! never distributed ! and they only pressed 300 copies ! Well, what can I say ?  They even manage to slip in a couple of bars of 'The Munsters Theme' midwaythrough the song ......It was put out on a little known Portland label called 'Infringement Records' and is sure to be a future classic....I'd say, contact them and get yours while you we say, it's the dogs bollox !

Infringement Records :

Happy, Happy Early Christmas !!!
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (Crypt Records) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one MONSTROUS 30-song, DELUXE triple FOLD-OUT digipac - with TWO 24-page fullcolor booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk IN- SANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 13 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 5 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 30 cuts from: WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE ARCELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, ETC!
BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOLUME 9 and VOLUME 10 LP's will be out on Dec. 9!

Tav Falco's Wild and Exotic World of Musical Obscurities. DLP        Stag O Lee Recs. 
So, fed up with all of the Born Bad imitators ?....sick to the back teeth with shelling out for for Cramps tie-ins ? Here's something worth throwing a few shekles at.....It's been out a little while and if you haven't indulged yourself recently, now may well be the time to do so ! 
Whatcha get is a Rockabilly purists wet dream to start with BUT it soon leads into 'Terre Inconnu' with the likes of The Harry Lime Theme and other weird stuff, far weirder than the Martin Denny track....Lux would be proud of you, seriously !!! There's even a Panther Burns track of them covering 'Real Cool Trash' a fave of mine from a French band called the Dum Dum Boys, they themselves even doing a musical score to a porn movie in the 90's....nice work if you can get it Huh ? It's out on a double heavyweight vinyl LP on Stag O Lee records (just click on the tab in the mail order list to the right) and it comes with a free coaster too (aka CD). 

More to follow..........

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