Saturday, 1 November 2014

The No Tomorrow Boys.......Switchblades and Leathers !

The No Tomorrow Boys.
Hailing from Portland, Oregon. The No Tomorrow Boys play fast and furious Rockabilly with punk attitude a plenty, think The Fireworks, Blacktop and early Guitar Wolf....they do a killer version of 'A-Bomb Bop' too. Just to put things into perspective these guys don't do songs longer than 2 minutes, their debut album has 14 tracks and runs to just about 28 minutes....proper Rock'n'Roll !

You need this album.....REALLY !
They've just had their debut album released in Europe on Germany's 'Hound Gawd' records and it's a blinder. 'Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me' was originally released late (Sept 2013) last year on Hovercraft Records (some on white vinyl incidently)....What you get is dangerous R'n'R, leathered up delinquents with chains and flicknives knocking out badass tunes, bastard sons of Link Wray (just listen to Firecracker) and Vince Taylor/Gene Vincent with a hint of Heavy fact more than just a hint, could say they're cut from the same cloth but with a tad more youthful exuberance. It's rare enough these days for me to get very excited about new releases as there's far too much drivel out there but I have to 'fess up and say I was well taken with this.
One Word.....Brilliant !

Not so juvenile delinquents.
Danny Dodge, frontman and vocalist can belt out a tune with style, oozing menacing cool, Matt mayhem, fret fingerer extraordinaire (I think he looks like a young Nigel Robertson, the original drummer of The Meteors) truly knows his craft, bending those strings and pulling out classic chords where as skin pounder Jimmy Beat keeps it altogether with solid rhythms, Nick Knox without the shades no that's a compliment !
On their early singles they were a four piece with Noland Nocount on bass but he's either deceased, in prison or out and about in places unknown....why he left is a mystery to me and I guess the guys aren't saying !   
Here's a great retro style clip of them doing a track from the album 'Shy' :

This gang got together sometime in 2010 after what looks like a multi pile up between the the Lords of the Flatbush, extras from the Wild Ones and the Fonz on his motor sickle. Their first vinyl outing was a self released 7" called 'Do The Tomorrow Twist' put out in 2011 they followed this with a 2nd 7" 'Animal Eyes' on Rapid Pulse Records in 2012, with the title track making an appearance on the album too.

The departed Noland Nocount.
The last single to be released, a 3 track EP put out by Eli's Mile High (Club) Records is called 'Teenage Vice' and there's a promotional video to go with the title track worth seeing, very nicely done with that kind of 'film noir' feel to it....speaking of watching them and since the N-West of the states is a long drive from here in Ireland, they've been nice enough to have posted a full gig in HD which you can find here : 

Yeah, I'd travel to catch them live when they eventually get over to Europe (Hint for the folks at Hound Gawd). Until then I'll just have to make do with what I hope will be the first of a good few albums and I'd strongly recommend grabbing any of their vinyl releases as soon as you can, don't think there's going to be much disappointment....and the more cynical of you can always check it first at bandcamp....Try before you buy !
All the info for label etc is listed below and for once I'm happy to say that those of you who only own a CD Player have lucked out !......shame really (Not).

The No Tomorrow Boys at Facebook :
The No Tomorrow Boys at Bandcamp :
Hound Gawd Records :
Eli's Mile Club :


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  1. Darren , Man , good on YOU for mentioning "Lords of Flatbush". I meant to ask if you were a fan of "Psychomania" (I forget what it was originally called in The UK.). i'd seen and read about The No Tomorrow Boys in Pork magazine , which I enjoy very much , but don't always trust their taste in new bands. It is'nt personal. Your overview makes them sound well worth checking out.