Monday, 6 April 2015

TRASH WAX !.........A new label !

Hey Folks,
                  we've decided to take the plunge !  I suppose that after thinking about it on and off for the past couple of years but not doing anything about it, the decision to give it a go wasn't all that hard, particularly considereing all the encouragement and great mails from the blog readers the past year....So, without further ado, TRASH WAX will be starting out with an LP from The Vibes, and if the timing is right it will be released on the 31st of May (2015), exactly 30 years to the day it was recorded, live in Enger, Germany during The Vibes 1985 tour there.

Trash Wax LP number 1.
The whole idea and concept is to preserve some of the great sounds that were about during the classic 'Trash' period and commit them to vinyl as is only fitting and our releases won't be sloppy, thrown together attempts. There will be liner notes and contributions from the band members themselves, previously unseen photographs, remastering of the source tapes where necessary and class artwork from the likes of Chris Moore, Marcel Bontempi and others and while we will be focusing on unearthing forgotten gems and digging up material previously presumed lost, you can expect regular releases from current bands and artists that we no proper order, we've this pile of  vinyl set to be unleashed over the coming months !

- LP  The Vibes  'Voodoo Juju'
- 7"   Vince Ripper & The Rodent Show.  'Ripperville' & 'Teenage Werewolf'
- 10"  The Raymen  'The 6 track Green Alien Cassette release from 1984'
- 7"   The Bugs.  EP of unreleased studio material from '87.
- LP  The Go Go Cult.  'Into the Valley of'  Their first LP (Licensed from Western Star).
- 7"   The Half-Lings.   Pre-Bugs,  EP of unreleased studio material from '86..
- MLP   The Shockwaves.  8 unreleased studio tracks (Like The Vibes & Purple Things).
- 7"  Marcel Bontempi  (Title to be confirmed but it will be a goody !)
- LP  The Vibes  'Ain't It Hard'  (working title, live in Berlin '85).
- 7"   The Teamsters.
- LP  The Men With The Golden Gonads  'Unreleased LP'

And a whole lot more, all the details will be posted once we've confirmed 100% with the bands, we're also working on a series of compilations of forgotten garage goodies as well as chatting with folk about licensing older releases for possible revamps and giving some of these fab tunes a well deserved second lease of life.

There is a Facebook page for Trash Wax too now, so feel free to take a look, like it or whatever it is that you do with it ?

We'll keep you up to speed, meanwhile.......STAY SICK !


  1. Trash Wax on farcebook for all the social networking types.... Come say hi, like the page & buy the rekkids bozo's!

  2. Half-Lings demo's are from 1986 btw!

  3. Bugs recordings are from 1987!

  4. Bloody good job you're here Charlie otherwise people may actually think I know what I'm talking about !

  5. news !!!
    long life to Trash Wax & bon courage!!

  6. Well, hello there fellow trash fans. Can we add pictures here..??

  7. Hey Phil.......not random photos, but feel free to submit them for a post or write a post for inclusion using them.

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