Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vinyl overload !!!..........Ambrosia for the ears !
Looks like a case of self inflicted poverty for the months of April and May ! far too many great releases which have to be nabbed ! I was only mentioning recently, where was the promised HEAVY TRASH album ? Then low and behold, out it comes on Bronze Rat Records. Entitled 'Noir!'....and limited to a 1000 copies on vinyl only, no CD release.
This is a pretty eclectic mix of various different recordings, some instrumentals, a jam or two, some out-takes and spanning what I'm guessing is their career to date. Now, I would say that this is probably not the best starting place if you haven't really listened to Heavy Trash in the past as it's pretty hoary in places and may leave the casual listener wondering how they ever got out of the garage and into a studio, personally, I love it but then I've never been one noted for sophisticated tastes ! Not only that, but those purveyors of the perverse, Stay Sick in Brighton have got Heavy Trash playing during July, the 12th to be exact and I think my place is already reserved....just wondering if Bloodshot Bill will be doing Double Bass duties ?
Now it may come as a surprise to some of you but I'm a huge Polecats fan, always have been and probably always will be, so while a lot of my buddys were fawning over those American blow-ins, The Stray Cats, (whom I could never take to for some reason) I was digging some Post Glam-Billy, you have to admit that it took balls to cover Dave Bowie and Marc Bolan back then with all the aggresive, purist Rockabillies growling! This was put out a few weeks back by Rockabilly Records (Part of the US label Cleopatra) and comes on either pink or orange vinyl, there's nothing new to discover here but it is a beautiful comp of their best toons. Oddly enough I was over in the UK on the hunt for records etc just 2 weeks ago and while in No Hit/Sounds That Swing, Noel, who works there told me that another record shop had opened beneath them by none other than Boz & Lyn Boorer ! (For those of you with short memories, Lyn was the bass player in The Shillelagh Sisters) Imagine my excitement from this double whammy ! So after a long browse and some great chat, as well as a sterling coffee, I left with a pile of records a Polecats T-shirt and a silly grin....Needless to say I will be back often ! Check them out on Facebook : Vinyl Boutique Camden.
Off to the Munster Raving Loony Party at Arc de Bara at the end of this month and that coincides with the release of the long overdue second album from Thee Gravemen, 'Monster Blues' on lovely red vinyl ! It's been released by their long time buddy and oft partner in crime, DeadElvis on his essential Monster Mash records....12 trashy tracks from the funeral parlour, as it says on the sleeve. Not only that but there's a split with Charm Bag which is only available at the event ! And Charm bag also have their LP out on Kizmiaz Records (France) too...while we're on about the incestuous couplings going on, Leadfoot Tea and Fernando Smogger (also in the Charm Bags) have a 12" platter out called 'Long Gone With' on Green vinyl.....

The one in the middle looks most handsome of the 3.
They've been busy alright but a bit like British buses.....nothing for a while then loads all turn up at the same time ! Here's another joint release from Thee Gravemen and Deadelvis, 4 tracks out on Monster Mash very shortly. My advice is to snap this up as early as possible because their first one went really quickly and yours truly blinked and missed it !
Another essential release you need to get your grubby mitts on is the new album (CD only at present but we're told the vinyl will be released later this year, hope that doesn't mean Nov-Dec) by Almon 'Silvertooth' Loos and The Witch, it's called 'Witch Music' and you can get it direct from the man himself via a PM on Facebook. He has posted a few of the tracks from it on Youtube so you can do the aulde 'try before you buy' carry on too.   

Erm, I've gotten myself one of them Facebook pages too by the way, not quite sure what to do with it but feel free to go onto it and like me, befriend me or whatever.....but just because we're 'friends' on facebook doesn't mean I'm inviting you round for dinner or anything.....well, not unless you're female and you look like Betty Page in her prime !  Facebook : Franky Stine :

Be cool, Ghouls.

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