Thursday, 16 April 2015

Marcel Bontempi....'Catman' a new 7" for Trash Wax !

The Original 'CATMAN'
Hey Santa, you know what I want !
Folks, what can I say ?  I'm really very excited about this and although it's a few months away I can't help myself but talk about it !  'CATMAN', one the most amazing songs to have EVER been recorded in the 50's is going to be released for us on TRAX WAX by the one and only, the wizard of rhythm....Mr Marcel Bontempi himself !
Whether you're a purist Rockabilly or a Trash hound, this is guaranteed to please....probably one of the most seminal, although generally, lesser known tracks to have been written and released by Gene Vincent and His Bluecaps, it was and still is proto-punk before proto-punk.

F... having them next door !
My first exposure to the track came in the early 80's from the (1980) single of Aussie Swamp rockers, The Birthday Party when they used it as a B-Side to 'The Fiend Catcher'.....Even then I remember thinking 'What the f...!' When the song was included a few years later (1984) on the Big Beat compilation 'Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease' covered by The Sting Rays, I was doubly impressed, (as I was by the whole album at the time.). It's brooding, it has menace and some rather dark undertones, which are probably best left to a psychologist to analyse !

Essential and obligatory !
It's one of those tracks which for me is timeless and kind of 'out of place' in the 50's....Like Link Wray or The Collins Kids 'Whistlebait' and Eddie Cochrane's (Jerry Neal) 'I hate Rabbits'. What treatment Mr Bontempi (or should that be Dr Bontempi ?) gives this classic ? remains to be seen but going on his previous track record it will be something awesome if not downright amazing. Marcel had been considering covering this track for years and will finally be heading into the studio over the coming months to record this and, no doubt, a good few other tracks which will see the light of day before the year is out on various labels around the globe.
It's OUT !
In the meantime you can get to dig a whole heap of the twisted genius' work on the long awaited and much anticipated 'Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes' which should be hitting the stores as we speak ! Just so that you know, the vinyl version of the album comes with an additional 7" and the CD version is fully should try it !

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