Sunday, 17 July 2016

Alan Vega...Gone ! Messer Chups...USA Tour dates.

So, our American friends are in for a real treat during August ! Oleg, Svetty and Boris, collectively known as 'Messer Chups' are ambarking on a 23 date tour of the USA, kicking off the tour with a first date in Milwaukee on the 4th August and finishing up in Cambridge (Massachusetts) on the29th August.
Been a long time coming but now the Americans will be able to experience these crazy Russians first hand and see what all the fuss is about !
Apparently, part of the visa application process involved being interviewed by consular staff in regard to the musical influences of the band (trying to catch them out no doubt)...So Mr Gitaracula, which American guitar players would you say have had the most influence on your style ?......Response : Link Wray & Dick Dale !.........OK, you can come in !
I only wish that my circumstances had allowed me to catch a couple of the US dates, unfortunately it's not the case but I am looking forward to seeing some of the crowd responses on social media as I'm sure that the folk seeing them for the first time will be totally blown away and leave them clamouring for more !!!  Enjoy the tour guys.......

Gone, but what a legacy !

Today is a pretty sad day as we learned of Alan Vega's death this morning, a truly iconic figure and one whose influence stretched far and wide, both with 'Suicide' and as a solo artist in his own right ! Innovator, Agitator, Protopunk pioneer, Shit....the guy even dragged Rockabilly into areas thought by many to be borderline blasphemy....I for one loved his minimalist treatment of many standards and his FUCK YOU stance to the whinging detractors.....Rock On Ghost Rider !
Today we'll be listening to a lot of Vega & Suicide......Tomorrow too !

Stay Sick.

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