Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sarah Vista...London, Chrome Reverse...Paris !

3rd 7" (Kizmiaz Records).
Some serious talent coming to the fore recently in both London and Paris (NY was covered by Twin Guns not too long ago)...Could be simply that I haven't moved out of my comfort zone too much in a good while, musically speaking that is, but I really get the impression that there's a lot happening out there and these guys & gals, while not exactly household names, are prime movers in their respective scenes, so if by any chance you haven't picked up on them yet ?  It's a good time to acquaint yourselves with them, neither have an album out, although plans afoot no doubt, but both do have a bunch of 7"s out now which deserve a place in anyones vinyl stash. So if you do miss the early bus, you only have yourself to blame when you find yourself trawling Evilbay for them later !

Out late August.
What a great pairing this is, Sarah Vista teamed up with the legendary Boz Boorer to cover and revamp an all time Polecats classic 'Make A Circuit With Me'...This little beauty will be out in a few weeks time and will be available in both black and coloured vinyl. This was recorded in Boz's Portugaul based studio, Serra Vista,  for his upcoming album 'Age Of Boom' which should see the light of day in September.....You could hardly escape noticing that Sarah is not only a rather talented gal herself but that she also has some amazing folk behind her with the likes of Terry Edwards from the mighty GALLON DRUNK providing the requisite brass as well as former SHILLELAGH SISTER Lyn Halpin (you probably know her better as Mrs Boorer) stepping in on bass for the flipside of the 'I Wish You Hell' 7" and if that wasn't enough, Jeff Mead, former CANNIBAL who has also played with The STING RAYS & IMELDA MAY  among others, not failing to mention that our pal Marcel B provided the artwork......Not exactly your standard debut single affair.

A Heart Full Of Hate !
Sarah Vista's debut platter is a little taster of a forthcoming album that will be released earlyish next year and if you like Spaghetti Western tinged, revenge soaked R'n'R that moves along to a hillbilly beat ?  then this will not disappoint...BUT, it's a little more than simply another play on a Western Swing/Cowbilly theme, the album that is on it's way is called 'Killing Fever' and will include tracks that have been used as part of the soundtrack for an upcoming movie (Western of course) and I believe that the bones of a second album are already being prepped. These aren't a bunch of Death Country tunes or anything like that, more like the finely crafted thoughts of many a spurned woman set to some rather great music..anthems to kill your (ex) lover by !

To launch her first single, Sarah played an acoustic set in the hippest record shop in Camden, Sounds That Swing/No Hit, needless to say there were a few folk that couldn't get in due to the fact the place was jammers, although someone well positioned did manage to capture a bit of film footage (with their phone) of her singing the title track...It's hardly Spielberg but not bad at all really considering you get to see the lovely lady and her acoustic Gretsch (not sure which one is the more attractive to be honest!).   
You can get yourself a copy direct from Sarah Vista (Check out Facebook & Discogs) or you can get a copy from Sounds That Swing/No Hit Records and from our goodselves.

Sarah Vista at Facebook :

2nd EP.
Woah !!! Chrome Reverse (Who ? I hear you ask)....What you have here fine folk, is basically French R'n'R royalty....I shit you not! It's got to be at least 25 years that some of the members first came out of Parisian Garages and cellars in various combos such as The No Talents, Les Terribles, The Splash Four who had releases on some of the most influential labels around at the time including Estrus, Dionysus, Lookout, 1+2, Larsen, Soundflat as well as releasing stuff on their own labels Wild Wild Recs & Royal Recs. Iwan & Lili being the senior veterans here, it's really no surprise that their releases to date have been right up there on the awesome scale ! Pure rock 'n' roll with a very cool sound that is far less punk rawk than much of what they did in previous incarnations...The Chrome Reverse sound has that primitive 50's feel to it but without sounding dated...They're not trying to be some kind of revivalist clone, far more Crypt Recs than Wild Recs.

As I've already said, a couple the members have been around the block and they shouldn't have any problems in building a decent enough rep, I'd be expecting to see them playing a good few festivals next year on the back of the releases so far and judging from what I've seen online to date, I'll be making a trip or two to catch them. I thought that the upcoming release on Kizmiaz was an LP but was only a small bit disappointed when Yannick (of Kizmiaz) told me it was 4 track EP, it's due out in mid August so another to put in the diary....If you're into The 5678's (It's Lili's vocals), The Fireworks and Trashy R'n'R in general...let me introduce you to your new fave band ! Don't take my word for it, go check them out up there ! 

Available from most quality outlets including Born Bad Record Shop in Paris, Cool & Crazy/Crypt in Hamburg and from our goodselves too.....Happy Hunting.

Stay Sick Peeps.

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