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Oh! Gunquit, Smoggers, Marcel Bontempi....More from Trash Wax.

Includes added Catman ! 1st 100 copies GREEN Vinyl
A few folk have asked recently if there will be 'record club' of some description for Trash Wax releases but to be honest there aren't any plans for one, not that we haven't toyed with the idea, it's just an organisational nightmare which would involve getting the factories to stick to a delivery schedule and this just isn't happening at the moment. What we are doing though, is getting the first 100 copies of  each release pressed in a coloured vinyl which are available exclusively through the website, these will be put up for pre-order approx 6 weeks before expected release date and once they are gone...that's it, there won't be a second chance.
We've some nice releases already at the factory and we're expecting the 1st Messer Chups LP release (we have 2 in production) on the 15th July, then there's The Cheating Hearts LP, the Smoggers/Charm Bag 7", Oh! Gunquit 7" and the 2nd Messer Chups LP. That's without mentioning the Marcel Bontempi EP and a 7" from Scotland's The Strange Blue Dreams (More about this later but it's very special)....Awesome stuff !

While we're on the subject, there is an absolutely stunning project we're working on at the moment with the legendary Boz Boorer !  Back in the very early 80's, Boz was a very busy (Rockabilly....tish, boom!) guy indeed, not only was he the guitarist of The Polecats & Shillelagh Sisters, he was also moonlighting with a bunch of lads that would become The Vibes (Yes...Lloyd Tripp (on Bass), Gary Boniface (on Drums) and Bob Martin (vocals)....nothing was ever released by this combo who went under the name of THE MEGATONS but they did manage to get into the studio....TWICE and we've found the sessions (Boz did actually)..the first one from around '82 is having a bit of restoration but sounds like some lost Sun Session, real savage Rockabilly...the 2nd session which was recorded a few years later during an impromptu reunion in the USA (different drummer) is crystal clear and absolutely sensational....not saying anymore except that it's some of the wildest and best Rockabilly I've heard in a long while..Hopefully, this will be out before the end of the year !  In the meantime, enjoy the only known footage to exist of The Megatons :

Out in August (2016)
For those of you that like a bit of scuzzy, fuzz garage punk, The Smoggers won't disappoint !  After 4 albums, the latest being the brilliant 'Shadows In My Mind' which came out on Lutz Rauber's  ever cool label 'Soundflat, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is the first Smoggers slab of 7" vinyl...actually it's their fifth and what a track it is too...It's My Time takes you on a bit a roller coaster ride with Fernando's demented wailings duelling with the Farfisa while Anna beats out a pounding rhythm on the skins, building to great finish...

Out in August (2016)
Now, this is a split 7" with Charm Bag but....Charm Bag are actually Fernando & Anna so you could argue that they're the same group only the styles are totally different ! Charm Bag are a CRAMPED duo with a distinct penchant for rather dark Link Wray styled Trash.....I caught them live at last years Munster Raving Loony Party and their live set just blew me away, and if you like this when you hear it, they have another couple of mini LPs out already, well worth the investment !
The first 100 copies of this 7" will be on Orange vinyl !

CHARM BAG : An Andalusian Dog 

Limited edition of 300.
Also out in August will be the first full length LP from Hamburg's Uber cool The Cheating Hearts, 12 tracks of love induced misery, heartbreak and heartache...FUCK LOVE ! This is snotty as hell and the guy & gal from St Pauli deliver a soundtrack for anyone whose lovelife has gone down the drain, forget the sugary, country & western sentimental nonsense...this is where it's truly at, as it says on the tin (Sleeve), this is 'Primitive, Trash, Rock'n'Roll !
The entire album has been re-recorded to analogue and tweaked by our noisemeister Mondosean and the sound is fricken amazing...must be said. The fab sleeve was done by the Voodoo scribbler himself, Mr Chris 'Sick' Moore. Don't put off delaying on this one as it's strictly limited to 300 copies !

7" Nomads Of The Lost.
I'm guessing that the major record labels go on holiday for the month of August as we've been told (with the arse covering 'provisionally') to expect another great release (Yep, we've been busy little beavers) from London's Trashy, Rumble Rocking Party animals OH! GUNQUIT....2 brand new stunning tracks from their latest recording sessions, If you can get your head around this? you'll kind of get where this is coming from...just imagine a big messy mix of The Delmonas, The Detroit Cobras, a big guitar sound and a wailing sax...throw it all together and out comes OH! GUNQUIT...The A-side is 'Nomads Of The Lost' with the flip being a rather Delmonasesque 'Walking The Street'....The 1st 100 copies of this will be a rather fetching shade of green (Like the cover......for those of unfortunate enough not to be familiar with either of their previous singles or the magnificent LP released by Dirty Water Records not too long ago....Here's the A-side to their very first 7" release.

Oh! Gunquit : Bad Bad Milk.

Check this baby out !
Here is a long awaited album and we're making it a special one to boot, 16 Tracks in total from Messer Chups with a couple from their alter ego Rockabilly band The Bonecollectors, what's different ?  Well apart from that they've all been remixed by Oleg, they feature the vocals of Zombierella on all of them ! Not only that but the artwork is by Solrac and features our fave bass player on the front AND the rear....a real Zombierella fest ! Heavyweight sleeve, heavyweight vinyl and the 1st 100 copies are Black & White SPLATTER in translucent red vinyl....This has been guaranteed for a September delivery. Are we excited by this.....just a wee bit !  

Now you've finished reading and oggling....wipe up the drool and go buy some records so we have the funds to actually pay for all this stuff !

We've got (literally) ton's of stuff that you need or really should have in your record collection, so head on over to website and treat yourself !  HERE :

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Thanks for looking and Stay Sick folks.


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